Before returning a Kit-Cat, please check the Doctor Kit-Cat or contact for help. Many animation and timekeeping issues have easy fixes.

Returns and Repairs:

In the event your clock is under warranty (1 year old or less) and you cannot resolve the problem using the above tips, please contact us at for further instructions.


PFG is an authorized dealer, and as such your Kit-Cat Klock is guaranteed from fault for 12 months from date of purchase so long as your Kit-Cat was new, authentic, and untampered with at the time of purchase.

The Warranty is void:

  • If sold by another dealer than PFG.
  • The Warranty applies only to the original purchaser from the PFG and may not be transferred to another reseller.
  • If Kit-Cat has been dropped or physically tampered with in any way causing damage.


Spare Parts:

PFG holds a range of spare parts including eyes, j clips, eyeballs and pendulum levers.