Kit-Cat Klock Pink Miss Kitty

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Add a pop of personality with the Pink Miss Kitty Kit-Cat Klock. The smaller stature of the Kitty-Cat Klock is perfect for an apartment or office.  Miss Kitty-Cat Klocks are built to the same exacting standards as their bigger older sisters. Get your child started with time telling with the Miss Kitty-Cat Klock.
  • This is an official Kit-Cat Klock, manufactured in America since the 1930s!
  • The iconic Kit-Cat Klock has been featured many times throughout American pop culture history. To name a few - They've been featured in the opening scene in the original Back To The Future movie, Katy Perry's movie and America's sweet heart Taylor Swift featured them in her We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together film clip.
  • 32cm from ear to tail.
  • Battery operated - 2 x "C" Batteries - not supplied
The timeless character and durable craftsmanship is sure to earn a place on your family’s walls for generations to come.  The pink kit cat is sure to be a winner.

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